Are You a Caring Person or Not?

Topic: Is it better to care deeply about something or to remain detached?

It depends on what they’re caring about. If it is something small, I don’t really think you should deeply care about it. But, if it’s the other way around, and it is a very big thing, I think that you should definitely care about it. Although depending on how big that “something” is, it basically changes with a different person. If it is a caring person, they might care for it, even if it’s a small thing. But if the person is not such a caring person, they might not even be interested.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Topic: Analyze the characters of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

 The title of the book that I will be introducing is called, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The author of the book is Jules Gabriel Verne. Jules Verne was a French author who pioneered the genre science-fiction. He is best known for his novels, Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in Eighty Days.

The book was, of course themed as a science-fiction story. It all started with a mysterious creature larger than a whale which has been haunting the deep ocean. A professor by the name of Aronnax and his faithful servant, Conseil have been invited to join a task force to ride the seas and investigate the mysterious creature. All seems to go well until a heavy storm hits the ship, throwing Ned Land (one of the crew men), the professor and Conseil, and they accidently land on the creature itself! It turns out that the creature was a submarine with lots of crew men and lots of rooms. They become good friends with the captain of the submarine, Nautilus, exploring the deepest of the seas.

The main characters are, Professor Aronnax, Conseil, Ned Land, and Captain Nemo. Although they all had different personalities and were contrasting, even being angry at each other. But, as the story went on, they began to build a bond between all of them.

The first character that I would like to introduce is, Professor Aronnax. He is the main character out of the main characters. Although he sounds calm all the time, thinking and behaving calmly also, I feel that sometimes, he is also very worried, or very sad. He is always beside his faithful servant.

The next character that I would like to introduce is, Captain Nemo. Captain Nemo is the captain of the submarine, also known as the Nautilus. Captain Nemo is a very mysterious person. He appears suddenly and then, disappears! We never get to know who he was or why he did such things. He is also the man who created the Nautilus. The Nautilus is a huge submarine, larger than a whale. And it had a bedroom, kitchen, a shower, and even a library. It had carpets and desks and tables. It was highly and comfortably built. Every morning, they had an air replacement through a special hole that goes through all the rooms.

The similarities in the main characters in this book is, both Captain Nemo and Professor Aronnaxs’. They both are very calm and very intelligent. And they also like science and sometimes are excited while chatting about science. They both become great friends and they both realize that they need each other in their lives.

The dissimilarities about these two characters is that, the Captain is a very mysterious person while the Professor is more of an open type of person. People know of him and he knows people.

The most important similarities, and dissimilarities about the Captain and the Professor is that they both are experts in science, but their personalities are near opposites.

 I personally really enjoyed reading this book. It was very scary, sad and exciting. There are some parts that are hard to understand because Jules Verne used scientific facts. But overall, it is very adventures because it is underwater. I highly recommend reading it because it is the greatest!



Hey y’all!!! I know it’s been a few weeks after I made the previous post, but things were VERY very busy. With school ending and summer vacation starting, and me breaking my leg. (It was an accident.)

But now, after entering summer vacation, I’m going to have lots of time so I’ll be able to post very frequently. But first, I must celebrate my….100 Follows!Congratulations on getting 100 total follows on Home Schooling!Your current tally is 101.

OMG! I’ve been dreaming about reaching 100. Not ACTUALLY reaching!! I’m soo happy and I thank you all for following and all the support. I love reading all your comments and checking out your blogs.

If you leave a link to your blog in the comments below, I would be more than happy to check it out and maybe even follow.

Thank you all sooo much once again.


Lesson:41-The Best Way To Study!

Topic: Does working with others lead to better results than acting as an individual?

This topic is very appliable to my everyday life. In Japanese junior high schools, 7th graders and 8th graders have a test once every two months. But the 9th graders take the same tests that the 7th and 8th and another small test that takes place in between the “once every two months” test. Basically, 9th graders have a test once every month. My point is, since I have multiple tests in a semester, I have to study very frequently to be able to achieve in getting high scores on the tests.

My answer to the topic is, both. But maybe a little better if you worked individually. I personally prefer both, but people choose what they’re better at.

The merit in working with others is that in studying, you friends can ask you questions, and give you problems to solve. And some people even say that it is easier for them to concentrate if they’re with others because it will help them focus on their studies if they see their friends focusing. Actually, I was at my friend’s house studying for the test starting from the 28th with her and another friend. We all go to the same school. We made sure we stayed focus, not letting anything come between us. It was a success. We were all able to study as we planned, and we made sure we did the things that could only be done with multiple people. For example, like I said above, to give problems to solve, ask questions, etc.

The bad thing about studying with others is that you can’t concentrate. You always end up chatting with them about something unnecessary at the moment.

The merit in working by yourself is that, you can concentrate for a long time with no one bothering you, you can also schedule the way you want to study. You can take brakes however you want, and most of all, you can study the way you want. I usually use this method for two reasons. One, is because my friend’s houses are far, and I would have to schedule every time I study with them. And two, is because I won’t be able to focus, I would be able to get a ton of stuff done without nosy sounds from your friends.

The bad thing about working by yourself is, you probably won’t be able to concentrate for long, so you will end up playing or thinking about something else, or staring off into the sky. But I am a person that can mostly control myself. I make sure I work and study hard so that I can get good grades and high scores on the test.

In conclusion, I would recommend working or studying on your own, but sometimes, people like me may prefer to use both ways. Using both ways is definitely better than just using one of them of course, but you can always decide what you want. If you are a person that’s able to focus by yourself, maybe it’s better to study on your own. And if you are better off studying with your friends or anyone close beside you, that’s what you need.


The Winner of the Photo Contest is…

Drum roll please…..!!!

And, the winner of the 2021 Photo Contest is…..TheJungleFowl!!!

He had 4 votes.

The person that got second place is…Noahh!! Congrats.

And the person who got third place is…Sawyer!! Congrats to all three of you. An those of you who couldn’t get these three places, better luck next time. Thank you all for voting and entering. Stay to see more of these interesting contests.



Vote for the Best Photo (May)

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today is the day for voting who has the best photo. Not only the flower, but the way the picture is taken would also count. Anyone can vote. I’ll announce the winner shortly after. The voting will be closed on June 4th! Thanks, and hope you enjoy!!

TheJungleFowl’s flower!
Sawyer’s flower!
Godzilla girl’s pear tree blossoms!
Elicreates’ apple blossoms!
Noahh’s red trillium!
My pink rose!
Gaku’s plum!
Emilie’s green trees!
Thehzablog’s pine tree!

That’s all you guys! Vote immediately before it closes!! I’ll let you guys know who got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. This was really fun!


Lesson:36 -Best Way To Learn Your Lesson

Topic: Do we learn from finding out that we have made mistakes or from our successful actions?

In my opinion, I think that people learn from the mistakes they have made. The things you do successfully is somehow normal to me. So, as long as I don’t make a mistake, I don’t really pay attention to what I did. Some people say that people learn from both mistakes and successful actions. And some even say the opposite statement with me.

In school, mistakes are the key to understand more about the topic. For example, Math. In math, every single person makes a mistake. There is no one in the world who never makes mistakes in math. But you can decrease the amount of mistakes in math by practicing. When you come upon a problem that you’ve once made a mistake, it usually stays in your brain. So, that way you will always be able to remember how to solve it because you’ve once made a mistake and gave it a thought.

Searching what the problem is, helps you understand everything. That is why it is important to go over the tests after seeing your mistakes, or listening to people.


Lying is OK?

Topic: Is it always essential to tell the truth or are there circumstances in which it is better to lie.

After living my life for fourteen years, I began to realize that sometimes it is appropriate to deliberately lie. Although knowing that lying is terrible, sometimes, you just have to lie in order to not hurt people’s feelings, and don’t crush their dreams. Little kids might have impossible dreams like, becoming the world’s richest person, but little does he know, that that is impossible, and will not happen. But you could never say “that’s not going to happen kid”, to him right? So, I would say that there are some circumstances in which it is better to lie.

But this can often lead to the wrong way. For an example, you get caught using a phone that you bought when you aren’t supposed to have any phones until a certain age which you aren’t yet. While texting under the blanket in your room, your parents walk in, and you are dead. You have one out of two choices:

  1. Tell your parents everything, including you buying a phone, and prepare to be grounded for a whole summer.
  2. Lie to your parents saying that the phone was your friends’, and you were borrowing it for just that day.

If you pick telling your parents everything, although you were wrong, and you received a big punishment, you will still be trusted. But if you pick choice number two, lying to your parents may become a habit, and you’ll definitely be caught one day, and your bond of trust with your family will end.

Lying will always end in a bad ending. But you sometimes, have to lie in order to save someone.


Photo Contest!! (May)

Hey guys! And welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m hosting a photograph contest!! I wanted to have some fun so I decided to host a photo contest. I’ve seen lots of blogs where the authors post pictures of their dogs, or flowers and plants in the garden, so I think it will get quite intersting.

Anyone can enter, and the more you guys would reblog, the more pics you’ll be able to see and vote for. As usual, I’ll be making a post letting you guys know who the winner, 2nd, and 3rd place goes to. I think it’s quite easy.

The only thing is, there will be a theme according to the month the contest is hosted in. The one today is in May, so the theme will be flowers and/or plants.


Theme: Flowers and/or plants.

Amount of pics: You can take up to 5 pictures for your post, but you need to pick one picture that will be used for the contest and tell me.

Contest closing Day: The contest will close on the 31st of May.

How to enter: Make a post with your pics on your blog, and send the link to me.

You cannot take a picture from online. If your picture looks suspicious, you might be disqualified.

You cannot vote for your own picture.

If you don’t send me the pic by the 31st, your pic won’t be able to enter the contest.

Let me know if you want to enter. You don’t need a particular camera to take pictures, anything will be fine!

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!


Lesson:33 -Education?

Topic: Does the present system of education encourage us to admit our lack of knowledge, or is there too much pressure to demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge?

I agree to the term that the present system of education encourage us to admit our lack of knowledge. If you know some history about education, you would probably agree with me. But those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about let me explain. In the old age, like around when Egypt was building pyramids, to China with The Great Wall, no one ever shared their knowledge. The reason why they never did was very simple. It was because their know ledge was not given to them easily. Let’s take a look at China for now.

As you might know, China is the origin of lots of martial art techniques. Taichi, Kungfu, etc. The “old white beard man” is often referred to as the “master” in multiple martial art movies. Usually, a young teenager is being bullied by a group of other teenagers who learn Kungfu from somewhere. Things become terrible, and when the victim is in danger, a “white beard master” pops out of no where and saves the boy or girl in danger. The victim, having let the master stay at his house, now pleads him to teach them the techniques. But the master refuses. After a long time, the master finally gives in and decides to teach the newly to be student all he knows. And the student learns how to defend him/herself, and kills the bullies. That’s how it always ends.

The important question in this movie, is why the master wouldn’t teach the “in danger” student all he knows about martial arts. The kid was in danger, so why not teach him all you know so that he won’t have to et hurt once again. The secret about education is hidden here. The teacher refused to teach the youngster martial arts because it was supposed to be a secret from his ancestors. These secret techniques, or medicines, or knowing how to read and write, were all secretly passed on from generation after generation. People who wanted to learn these things would have to beg for the person to teach them what they know. Not letting someone you don’t even know teach it out of some random textbook in class with a whole class filled with kids you don’t even know. They might not even want to learn about how to read and write, or the secrets about countries.

I’ve also heard that people are lacking more knowledge year by year, and that’s why the textbooks are becoming easier. To make the pupils feel like the accomplished something. But there are schools that teach kids to become smart. There should be more of those types of activities that would help the world before “education annihilation” happens.


Lesson:32 – What We Value

Topic: Do we value only what we struggle for?

The answer to this question is yes. Personally, I only value the things that I struggle for. It’s really hard to put this feeling into words, so this might sound weird, but this is actually what I feel about valuing the things that I struggle for.

I feel that the things you struggle for, somehow stays in your brain and it is categorized as, “valued with struggle”. I don’t know how to say it in words though. For example, trust takes struggles and hard times and even long times to create. The trust you have with your close friends, family, or anyone you love takes years to build. And that is why you are valued by your friends, family, etc. So, to make something valued, you must struggle hard. Others may have different opinions about this topic and maybe opposite answers, but this is how I feel.

So, in conclusion, I think that we, or I value only the things that I struggled for.


Lessn:31- A Talk About Objectivity

Topic: Are people better at making observations, discoveries, and decisions if they remain neutral and impartial?

I think people are better if they make observations and decisions impartially. Not letting your emotions and feelings decide what to do, or what you want is a very good thing. Although it is almost impossible to do such an act, it would be an intelligent way to decide and observe many things around you in life. Feelings, and emotions are the roots that sometimes leads you the wrong way. For example, if someone at school likes unicorns, and that person is being mocked by other people for liking unicorns because they are for young kids, the person mocking the victim would definitely hurt the victim’s feelings. But the attacker doesn’t care about the victim’s feelings, because she (the attacker) doesn’t care about unicorns. The meaning of this is, a person who mocks others for any reason, keeps mocking others because they don’t know what it’s like being mocked about something they like or care for. It is the mocker’s emotions that are making the victims insecure about themselves or the things they like.

There is proof that people end up in bad consequences when they decide or observe things letting their feelings control them. A book that I’ve read last year in the RPC called, “Macbeth” is the perfect case in this essay. The plot to the story basically goes on like this: There is a man who runs into witches and the witches say that he’ll be next king for sure. The man waits for the current king to die. But his impatience lead him to kill the king and crown him as the new king. As time goes on, someone finds out about the murder and the suspect, and the king notices too. The king sends men to kill the person who found out about the murder, and things get much worse until finally, the king is killed.

You can see from this basic plot that the king’s impatience led him to really bad consequences. Letting your feelings and emotions decide what you want is nothing in comparison to using your mind and deciding things by using logic. But I admit that sometimes, it is better to let your feelings guide the way. As people say, “Always let love lead the way”.

It’s usually better to use logic, and sometimes even use feelings, and although they aren’t close enough, you can also use both.


Vote for the best dish now! Who is the winner???

Hey guys!!! This is what we’ve been waiting for for 2 weeks!!! And here it is. Although there were more than 4 participants, only 4 of them gave me the link to their dish. So, vote for the best one!!!

I will let you guys know who got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for their dish shortly afterwards. I can’t tell you which dish belongs to who because then, some people would vote for the “person”, and not for the “dish”. So, here it goes:

No.1 Here is a “Taco soup!”

No.2 Here is “Sushi!”

No.3 Here is “Cream of Asparagus Soup”!

・Here is “fresh hot and soft bread”!!

Well, anyone can vote. I can’t wait to see who is the winner. The poll will end on the 25th of May, Tuesday.

Here is the poll where you guys can vote:


Cooking Contest?

Hey guys! As you may have already read the title, I supposed you can figure it out. Now that I am seeing Corrie S.P doing some contests, which seemed soooo fun, I decided to do one too. But the thing is, I don’t know if anyone is interested in entering the cooking contest.

So, first, I will be needing at least 4 applicants.

The rules are very simple.

・Make any dish or snack that you want.

・You can make the dish/snack based on a recipe.

・The person with the most votes wins first place.

・I will announce the the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in a different post after the contest has been closed.

・Make sure to send me only 1~2 photos of your dish/snack.

・You definitely cannot criticize anyone’s dish. They all put a lot of work in it!

・You must vote for someone other than yourself.

・Be sure to send me a pic by next Saturday, May 22, 2021.

・I couldn’t figure out how to get your pics, so I decided to copy the way Corrie does it. Make a small post that includes the name of the dish, and then send me that link. That’s all!

・Anyone who wants to enter must tell me in the comments below.

Just so you know, you will have to send me the pic link by the 22th or you’ll be disqualified. And then, I’ll make a new post where you guys can vote.


How’s My Lovely May Going So Far?

Hey guys, and welcome back to another one of my posts. Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I’ve been busy with school and badminton and babysitting my siblings for forever. But now I’m finally able to get a hang of it.

I wanted to do an interesting post because it’s the starting of May and my birthday is coming up soon, but I didn’t come up with a good idea. So, I just thought that I could write a post about the random things I’m doing/watching right now, and talk about some of the new followers I got after the last post of Tuzumi4 Followers. Thanks to all your support, I have more than 70 followers!!! Thankyou sooo much guys! The “new” tuzumi4 followers post will be updated in a different post. So, for now, let’s start this post.

Although May has just begun and the flowers started to bloom, I have already watched 2 movies. Oh my gosh. I just can’t stop watching movies. (One of my friends Jasmine loves movies as much as I do too.😂) They were so good! And that’s why I’m recommending you guys to watch them! And here they go. I’ll try my best not to spoil anything so that you guys can enjoy the whole movie.

The first movie is called, “Baby Bootcamp”. If any of you like young babies or watch young kids grow and mature throughout their age, or if you like love movies or movies about nannies, this is a perfect one. It may look boring in the beginning, but it is a romance!! I’m sure you’ll love it. Click on the link below and make sure to watch because it’s SO great. Baby Bootcamp – Full Movie – YouTube.

The second movie is called, “Love By Accident”. This is also a story about love. Two adults actually have to play a roll of “fake boyfriend and fake girlfriend” for some reasons. I don’t want to spoil anymore so please watch. This movie is SO funny. More than the one above. I hope you enjoy. (Special shoutout to Jasmine!! Lol. Jasmine, if you’re reading, I recommend watching this movie!) love by accident – YouTube. These are the 2 movies I want you guys to watch! Please watch!

I’ve also been reading this “crime solving” book called Nancy Drew. She is a young teenager who solves cases. This book is like an adventure and I hope you’ll read it one day because it is funny. I hope you guys have a wonderful month and wish you the best of luck in studying/working. Bye for now y’all~


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Topic: What is your favorite part of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

My favorite part of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is the scene while the professor, captain Nemo, and one of the crew members were diving, they meet up with sharks! The reason I liked this scene is because I got really excited. Although knowing beforehand that the Professor wouldn’t get hurt, I couldn’t resist my feelings. This is how the scene went:

While the Professor, captain Nemo and a crew member were diving under the sea, near the ground, captain Nemo suddenly pulled the Professor by the neck and pulled him to the ground of the sea. At first, I thought that captain Nemo was trying to suffocate the Professor, not knowing why. But then, after continuing reading the book, I understood that there were sharks right behind them. Captain Nemo had pulled the Professor to the ground of the sea to hide both of them from the sharks. We all know that sharks’ nose senses are brilliant. They can smell blood under the ocean/sea a mile away. In this case, they didn’t smell any blood, they were just swimming around the ocean. Although sharks have good nose senses, they have very poor eye sight. That’s why captain Nemo pulled the Professor to the ground. So that the sharks wouldn’t be able to see them so easily. And luckily, they didn’t and couldn’t. The sharks swam right above the Professor, captain and the crew member. The three men were unharmed. It could have led to real big injuries, but they were able to stay away from that. I was very relieved after reading this scene. My heart was pounding while reading the climax. And I am really happy they aren’t harmed.


Lesson-17: B・D Presents!!

Topic: What is the best birthday present ever?

My mom doesn’t buy me my sibling’s birthday gifts. I don’t know why though. but, my friends buy gifts for me every year. Now that I’m in middle school, and have more friends, I am getting more birthday gifts this year than ever! One of my best birthday gifts I ever received was from my best friend Mitsuki, last year. Mitsuki and her mom baked me my favorite type of bread, cream bread. Cream bread is a small size bread with custard cream or any type of flavored cream in the middle of the bread. It’s SO delicious. I always eat the bread and leave the cream to eat at the end. Mitsuki and her mom made me 3 cream breads for my birthday and told me to keep it frozen, or kept refrigerated. The bread was white and soft from the outside. When I ate the first one, the bread was so cold, and soft that I didn’t even think it was bread. The cream was the best part! The cream was yellow, and so soft, fluffy, light, and melted as quick as I put it into my mouth. I was so happy. I’m planning on eating more of those cream breads!!


Lesson-16: Color

Topic: What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is dark red and green. Red makes me feel fancy and sharp like fire. I like green because it’s the color of nature. I love plants and trees. All plants are mostly green, and so are most mountains. I live right beside a mountain, so I’m surrounded by green 24/7. Green makes me feel natural, calm, and peaceful. It gives me, and the whole world air and food. I explain green as one of the colors of the 4 elements. Probably Earth, out of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind/Air. Green and red may seem opposing in many ways, but I still like both of them equally. I feel different every day.


Invitation!!!!!/You’re invited! — Miraculus Homeschool

Heyyyyyy!!!!!! Welcome back! Thanks for taking time to read another one of my cray cray posts!! (pat yourself on the back) Soooooo…………………………….Lets get into it! Welcome welcome welcome! You are invited to join us this week for an Open Contest!!!! Open contest?! What’s that? you might ask. Well ask no more! I am inviting my […]

Invitation!!!!!/You’re invited! — Miraculus Homeschool

English Lesson10: A Real Friend

Topic: Write a two-page essay based on any essays I’ve wrote this week.

I’m going to write a longer essay about “my best friend”.

My best friend’s name is Mitsuki. She’s been my best friend ever since 5th grade. The first time I moved to Japan was when I was in 2th grade. We became good buds then. But when 5th grade approached, my parents told me that we were leaving for China for a whole year. I couldn’t believe it. We were so close, and now, I’m the one that was going to break our friendship. Neither one of us had any computers or phones back then so we couldn’t facetime or even chat once in a while to each other. I didn’t even know her address or phone number. The only choice I had after moving to China, was to send a letter to my cousin and let her give the letter to Mitsuki at school. And that’s exactly what I did. (Me, my cousin, and Mitsuki went to the same school.) After weeks passed by since the letter being sent, I got a reply!! I couldn’t believe it. She must’ve understood the address in the back of the envelope I sent was the address of the apartment I lived in. I was more than happy. From that day onwards, I suppose my part of our friendship grew deeper and deeper. When I came back to Japan after a year, I had lots of presents for her. I was so overjoyed to see her again. I assume that, that was when we became not only good buds, but the best buds! As we moved to middle school last year, we got separated into two different classrooms. She was in class 3, and I was in class 2. And there was also a school policy that said you aren’t able to enter classrooms other than your owns. We couldn’t talk to each other, other than period breaks. But the good news was, we both joined the track and field club as the afterschool club. So, we were still able to see each other after school. Mitsuki is 12 years old just like me. Her birthday is on the 13th of November, while mine is on the13th of May. We were so happy when we knew our birthdates were nearly the same. Mitsuki is very pretty. She’s been confessed by boys several times. She is slim and tall, but not as tall as me. Her grades are usually the same as me, or a little lower. Although she has lots of friends she knew before meeting me, she chose me as her best friend, and that’s what makes her so special to me. She also has sense in fashion. She dresses up really nice. Compared to her, I really suck. I learned lots of cool fashion hacks from her. Although we may not have lots of things in common, we still are there for each other through happy times and sad times. That sounds really cliché, but now I know what it is when people really say it. She is the best friend I could ever ask for. And our relationship will never die until the day the earth dies. (If it will.) While I’m on this subject, I’d like to discuss what a real “friend” is. I think a real friend feels like he/she is very close like family. A real friend from my perspective, has all these following things: They love you of course, and they care for you when you are physically ill, and mentally ill. They help you walk through walls of bad things, good things, and give you advice when you are alone. They bring love, and courage like a light that brightens a dark room. They give you the most help when you need it. And they always have your back.  

Personal Finance: Controlling Small Expenses

Topic: How can I control small expenses?

I myself use quite an amount of money for small expenses such as, decorative chain holders, letter packs, small interiors, and other millions of items being sold at a 99cent store or anywhere else. Although I am shopping for “this item”, I always get distracted with everything around me. After overthinking this problem for my essay for a while, I finally was able to come up with a solution.

I asked myself,

“Why? Why do I keep buying these small items or anything I find interesting or likable in a store?”

And my answer was because I like those things and I want it. I feel, “I don’t have that in the house, and it would look better if it was in the house or if it was useful for me or my family.”

Although the solution sounds absurd, we all walk through this path. I think that you cannot get out of this cycle until you grow up, and find it uninteresting or you are out of cash to buy it. The reason I can say such thing is because, I don’t buy small expenses wherever I go today. 6 months ago, whenever I went to a store, I would take my wallet with me and buy something even if it were no use or broke if I brought it home.

But today, I am not like that anymore. I write what I actually need to buy at the store, and buy nothing else. It would be a waste of time and money, if you spend money on those small items. Write down what you need to buy and buy nothing else.

That’s my solutions and the path I follow today.


My House

Topic: What is your house like?

I live in a two-story house with my mom, dad, grandma, and my 7 siblings. I suppose you can already assume that the house is pretty big. And indeed it is. The house was built about 120 years ago. I know that that is a way long time ago.

There is a parking lot in front of the house. You can go into the house by passing through the front gate. Then you walk through the garden full of trees and flowers. After walking through the garden, you’ll see the front door. Opening the door and stepping a foot, the front porch or shoe-keeping area appears, where all the shoes and a shelf is kept. On the right, there is a small goldfish and looking straight ahead, there is the kitchen.

Standing where you are right now, to your left, there is a guest room where there is a giant piano. And walking straight through the guest room, you’ll see my grandmother’s room.

Downstairs, there is the dining, shower, toilet, kitchen, living room and the guest room. Upstairs, we have our closets, TV, study desks, and a bed. We pull out beds from the closet since we don’t have individual rooms. We pull them out at night and put them back in the morning after we wake up.

In the garden, we have 4 really tall trees, 3 mini bushes, 2 bigger flower bushes, and another thorny type ever-green tree. I like the garden because I am able to plant whatever O like in whatever season I want to. And that’s how the house is structured.


Lesson-6: My Best Friend

Topic: Describe your best friend, and what you like doing together.

My best friend’s name is Mitsuki. She’s been my best friend ever since 5th grade. The first time I moved to Japan was when I was in 2th grade. We became good buds then. But when 5th grade approached, my parents told me that we were leaving for China for a whole year. I couldn’t believe it. We were so close, and now, I’m the one that was going to break our friendship. Neither one of us had any computers or phones back then so we couldn’t facetime or even chat once in a while to each other. I didn’t even know her address or phone number.

The only choice I had after moving to China, was to send a letter to my cousin and let her give the letter to Mitsuki at school. And that’s exactly what I did. (Me, my cousin, and Mitsuki went to the same school.) After weeks passed by since the letter being sent, I got a reply!! I couldn’t believe it. She must’ve understood the address in the back of the envelope I sent was the address of the apartment I lived in. I was more than happy.

From that day onwards, I suppose my part of our friendship grew deeper and deeper. When I came back to Japan after a year, I had lots of presents for her. I was so overjoyed to see her again. I assume that, that was when we became not only good buds, but the best buds!

As we moved to middle school last year, we got separated into two different classrooms. She was in class 3, and I was in class 2. And there was also a school policy that said you aren’t able to enter classrooms other than your owns. We couldn’t talk to each other, other than period breaks. But the good news was, we both joined the track and field club as the afterschool club. So, we were still able to see each other after school.

Mitsuki is 12 years old just like me. Her birthday is on the 13th of November, while mine is on the13th of May. We were so happy when we knew our birthdates were nearly the same. Mitsuki is very pretty. She’s been confessed by boys several times. She is slim and tall, but not as tall as me. Her grades are usually the same as me, or a little lower. Although she has lots of friends she knew before meeting me, she chose me as her best friend, and that’s what makes her so special to me. She also has sense in fashion. She dresses up really nice. Compared to her, I really suck. I learned lots of cool fashion hacks from her.

Although we may not have lots of things in common, we still are there for each other through happy times and sad times. That sounds really cliché, but now I know what it is when people really say it. She is the best friend I could ever ask for. And our relationship will never die until the day the earth dies. (If it will.)      


My Favorite Subjects (Part 2)

Topic: Take one of your initial practice essays and improve and lengthen it to 2 pages.

My favorite subjects are History, Science, Spanish, and English. I like African history in particular. Although it takes time to memorize all the facts, once you memorize them, it feels so great and cool. You can speak out of your mind. That’s why I like memorizing a lot of scientific facts. You can also apply historical events or facts into your everyday life. Traveling places helps you learn more about history. Since I travel a lot, I know many history about many places. It feels very good to learn history, and why this and that occurred. Always ask the question “why?” in anything.

The reason I like English is because I love reading. Although I’m not the best in reading books, I still imagine the feelings that the author created while writing. Especially the moment when the character(s) are maturing. It’s the best! Also, thanks to the RPC, now I love to write poems. Writing poems seems very boring, but when you actually write one, it feels great. I became to write poems eve since I joined the RPC. I’ve always wanted to write my very own book too. Now that I am homeschooling, I need to find more things that could use my time. Reading is one of them, and so is writing a poem. Writing a book of your own is also one. I’m still planning on writing one, but I haven’t figured out what genre the book’s theme would be in. I would love to write a mystery, but mystery is very hard. Sci-fi sounds great but I don’t know enough biology and chemistry to put detailed into the book. Because if I was to write a sci-fi, I would at least put in some science into it. I was also thinking about adventure. I don’t know if I’m into adventure but I seem to be really good at writing adventure short stories. Conclusively, I think my first book’s theme would be a little sci-fi in he adventure of a horse, like black beauty.  

I love plants. I love animals. I love trees, and the air and rivers, and the ocean. I LOVE Science. I used to plant trees and flowers that I liked into pots and even some at my grandmother’s garden and farm. But now that I’m in school, I don’t get much time to do all those things. I’m more into Biology than I am into Chemistry. I don’t know why, but I like Science very much. I am also not into building machines and electricity, but I’d rather help people with their sickness, or plant more trees to save the world.

I wanted to learn Spanish from a long time ago. I always did and I still want to. In Japan, they don’t teach Spanish in junior high. So the only way I can learn Spanish is to learn by my own with my Puerto Rican grandfather’s support. He didn’t teach my dad Spanish when he was young, so my dad doesn’t know Spanish so much. My dad says that Spanish accent and Japanese accent is very similar, so it would be easy to learn for me. I’m trying hard to learn Spanish this year. I could use my English class that the school teaches, and learn Spanish instead. They are teaching kids how to read English in my class, so it would be a waste of time anyway. I could take my Spanish dictionary with me to school everyday and learn 5 words per day. I have all the support I need for learning a new language on my own. I hope I can master Spanish! Spanish is one of the top well spoken language throughout the world. Well, of course after English. So, it would help me when I travel to places, and it would help me become more “cool”. That’s why I want to learn Spanish very much.

My least favorite subject is, Math. I don’t understand why, but I can’t do Math. From my vision, I see many Japanese people are failing Math. However much I try, I still can’t be good in Math. Another reason I may hate math is because, everyone says they hate Math too. I can’t ignore that, so I also become a “Math-hater”. It is bad because in Japan, if you are good at Math, you basically can past lots of exams and keep your grades up high. But I can’t. So, I try to keep my grades high by putting extra work into the subjects like History, and Science.

These are my favorite and least favorite subjects at school. I hope I become better at Math so that I can go to the college I want in order to be a nurse. And I hope I can expand my knowledge of History by traveling to many places and meeting many different type of people. Because when I do, I can learn more about their culture, and their language. Right now, I can speak both English and Japanese, but I’m trying to learn Spanish this year. I hope I can master Spanish!


A Letter To Men. (women are invited to read too)

Tomorrow is the first of April. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the goal of this month is to raise public awareness of the issue of sexual assault and educate our community on how we can all play a part in prevention. Though it is not unusual, today I was sexually harassed. This is certainly not the first time this has happened and I am almost certain that it will not be the last time. This is a letter to men (and women who can relate), whether you are against sexual harassment/assault or not, please read and understand what I am trying to convey.

To all men,
Today I was at my local library, minding my own business. I asked to use the computer and sat down to print my flyers. The swine beside me, who was 30 years old or so, got up to stand over me and began verbally harassing me. He said things like; So hot! What a sexy woman! Whilst he made questionable noises and let out obnoxious and uncontrolled laughter. I looked at him, to be sure he was addressing these comments towards me, then did the best of my ability to stay calm and go on with my work. His hollow eyes freely scanned up and down my body, grimly. This went on for the entire time I was in his sight. I made eye contact with the other man who was sitting to my left. He didn’t stop to speak up for me but just went on with whatever he was doing. I continued to be harassed until I skimmed through my work and was ready to leave. I felt sickened as I shakily handed my money to the librarian and left as fast as I could. The swine went on shouting harassment at me until I was well out of the door and crossing the street. 

This is a daily occurrence for some women and unfortunately, though not often to this extent, a common occurrence every time I leave my home. Often, it happens within my house, feeling safe behind screens, men beg for images of my body or send unsolicited images. Walking on the street, wolf whistles and catcalls come from men older than my dad and boys younger than my little brothers. To name a few, I have been touched inappropriately by my brother’s friend, stalked by a pedophile at a camp as a tween and given sleazy looks by men of all ages in supermarkets. This is not okay. This is not acceptable. 

I, and probably all women, do not feel safe in the company of you. If you are not the type of man to behave in the ways I have mentioned, you are probably taken aback by that statement so let me clarify. Women are always on guard to protect themselves against something they have experienced in the past or something their family or friends has experienced. We do not know if, you, the guy walking behind us, is the type of guy that will assault or harass us. If could be any of yous’. It’s scary and uncomfortable to exist socially. Being a woman in today’s society is scary. 

So, you don’t wolf whistle, catcall or behave inappropriately towards women? What can you do to help combat this very serious issue in society? 

  • Defend us 

Let’s go back to the man in the library who didn’t say a thing in my defence. If you witness anything like I experienced today, please speak up! Honestly, that would have made me feel a lot less at risk if he would have spoken up against this harassment.

  • Don’t validate a harassers behavior

You most likely wouldn’t be friends with a serial killer because you (hopefully) don’t agree with what they do. By being friends with them you would be confirming to yourself that their behavior is ‘okay’. The same goes for harassers. Of course, I don’t want you to cut off all of your friendships but please stand up for what is right and don’t continue to acquaint yourself with people who are constantly behaving in such a way. Be sure to tell them why you deserve friends of higher class.

  • Don’t make women feel uncomfortable

This is an obvious one. Do not demand inappropriate request from strangers over the internet. Do not wolf whistle, catcall or give inappropriate compliments, etc.

  • Spread Awareness

Share this post, write your own and have open discussions among your friends and family about such matters.

If you are still reading, you are amazing! Thank you so much for your time I hope you learnt a lesson or two from this little awareness spreader.

I would also like to strongly emphasize that, although it is not so common, men are also sexually harassed whether while they are children or as an adult. We need to raise awareness to sexual harassment and assault issues with both women and men in mind. This letter was specifically tapered towards the harassment afflicted on women by men.

The comments will be open as a safe space for anyone who would like to share their experiences with harassment or assault. What is your best advice that we can pass on to quality men so that women can gain a feeling of safety in their communities? Men, how do you react when you witness such harassment?

I love you all so so much! Thank you so much for reading! xx

– Jasmine Rose

I am so sorry you have to go through that. Some men are good, but most are bad. I don’t like to be harassed, and I don’t think anyone wants to be. So, from now on, try to treat people the way you want to be treated!!



Topic: What is the furthest you’ve been from home?

The furthest I’ve been from home is when I visited Florida. That was two summers ago. Me and my family went to Florida to visit our great grandmother who would be turning 90 the next year, 2019. It turned out that when my parents were booking the tickets to go to Florida, they tried calling my dad’s parents to let them know but, they weren’t picking up the phone so, my mom decided to keep it a secret and have it as a surprise. So, we basically didn’t tell anyone who lived in Florida except the aunt that was going to pick us up and her son, my dad’s cousin.

It was 8 years ago since the last time we visited America to see our cousins and grandparents. We were so excited. I didn’t even remember anything because I was still not even 5years old at the time. Me and my younger brother was SO excited, that we were going to get on a plane for 20 or more hours, which had a TV on it!! We had to take two planes, because it was very expensive to get on a flight from Japan to Florida. We got on at Osaka, and flew all the way to Sanfrancisco, then waited about 12 hours till the next flight. We went to a park out of the airport and went around Sanfrancisco. After all that, we came back to the airport and took the second flight from about 10 o’clock and got to Florida early in the morning.

My aunt was at the airport to pick us up. It had been 8 years since we saw her the last time. When we got to the house, we wanted to make it a surprise so, we all hid behind some cars, waiting for one of my grandparents to open the door. When my aunt knocked, my grandfather came out. I took a peek at him while hiding behind the cars. Then my aunt said,

“C’mon out y’all”.

And we all came out, jumping joyfully. Our grandfather froze of shock. We all cam rushing into the house to meet our grandmother. She was busy getting herself ready for work, so she couldn’t see us until we came in the house to meet her. She was shocked likewise.

After many days spending time in Florida, it was time to head back to Japan. We had a wonderful time in Florida. We went to the pool everyday, we also had our cousins we’ve never met over to celebrate our great grandmother’s 90th birthday. It was a great summer. It was absolutely the greatest summer ever! I wish I could go back again.


Tuzumi4 Followers (Part 5)

Final post guys!! If you follow me now, you may still be able to be on part 6!! If, you hurry. I will close it all up tomorrow. So if you wanna share these posts series, feel free too. Just make sure, if you wanna be written about, you have to follow me. That’s all!!

Now, sorry for the delay. I had been busy all week. Part 5! Lets get started now.

First coming up is, IRA HOMESCHOOL. Her blog is the most unique. She has a category where she writes about her desserts that she makes. It looks SO yummy!! She also has her own weekly news department!! She writes about the weekly news. And her birthday is on February 14th. Valentines day!!! OMG. You have a great essay Ira. Keep it up. Check her blog site. It’s now or never y’all!

Next up is, Its duck season. Very funny blog name right?! He/her blog is very nice. He/she likes animals very much. He/she said that he/she liked the part where a lion or lions are hunting. I kinda like it but I also don’t like it at the same time. His/her blog is very great, so check it out now!! Keep it up duck season!!

Next appears, Elicreates – Art, Baking and Gardening. Her blog is SO great!! She likes drawing, photography, calligraphy, baking, and reading. I love all of those very much except drawing. Elicia’s blog is nearly the same as Jasmine and Emilie’s blogs. It is so great. She also has a slideshow of her photography of her garden and flowers. It’s just sooo pretty. You have to check it out. Please do!! Keep it up Elicia!!!!

Next is, Perplexinglexi`s Blog. This is Alexandria’s blog. He likes animals, drawing, and Harry Potter. He seems to like horses. He also has 2 rabbits. He just launched his blog so he is new. I hope you guys check it out, because it is very nice. Keep up the good work Alexandria!!

This is it guys!! All of my followers are done. Finally! If you’ve been missed, let me know in the comments, and I’ll write a whole paragraph about you and your blog. This is it. See you whenever I get to do another blog like this. Thanks for following.

~Thank you so very very very very much you all!!!!


Lesson-3: My Favorite Subjects

Topic: What is your favorite (or least favorite) subjects in school?

My favorite subjects are History, Science, and English. I like African history in particular. Although it takes time to memorize all the facts, once you memorize them, it feels so great and cool. You can speak out of your mind. That’s why I like memorizing a lot of scientific facts. You can also apply historical events or facts into your everyday life. Traveling places helps you learn more about history. Since I travel a lot, I know many history about many places. It feels very good to learn history, and why this and that occurred. Always ask the question “why?” in anything.

The reason I like English is because I love reading. Although I’m not the best in reading books, I still imagine the feelings that the author created while writing. Especially the moment when the character(s) are maturing. It’s the best! Also, thanks to the RPC, now I love to write poems. Writing poems seems very boring, but when you actually write one, it feels great. I became to write poems eve since I joined the RPC.

I love plants. I love animals. I love trees, and the air and rivers, and the ocean. I LOVE Science. I used to plant trees and flowers that I liked into pots and even some at my grandmother’s garden and farm. But now that I’m in school, I don’t get much time to do all those things. I’m more into Biology than I am into Chemistry. I don’t know why, but I like Science very much. I am also not into building machines and electricity, but I’d rather help people with their sickness, or plant more trees to save the world.

My least favorite subject is, Math. I don’t understand why, but I can’t do Math. From my vision, I see many Japanese people are failing Math. How ever much I try, I still can’t be good in Math. Another reason I may hate math is because, everyone says they hate Math too. I can’t ignore that, so I also become a “Math-hater”. It is bad because in Japan, if you are good at Math, you basically can past lots of exams and keep your grades up high. But I can’t. So, I try to keep my grades high by putting extra work into the subjects like History, and Science.

These are my favorite and least favorite subjects at school. I hope I become better at Math so that I can go to the college I want in order to be a nurse. And I hope I can expand my knowledge of History by traveling to many places and meeting many different type of people. Because when I do, I can learn more about their culture, and their language. Right now, I can speak both English and Japanese, but I’m trying to learn Spanish this year. I hope I can master Spanish!!


Lesson-2: My Favorite Hobbies

Topic: What is your favorite hobby or free-time activity?

I have a lot of hobbies. They are playing with my friends, reading books, singing, playing board games, and shopping.

I LOVE reading books. If I am not able to finish reading a book in 1 day, I don’t go to sleep until I finish reading it. I like science-fiction, adventure, and mystery books. I became to love reading books when I was in 5th grade. And reading books took off in early 6th grade. I was reading at least 25~30 books each month. I would also go to the school library everyday, and visit the local library once a week. I still love to read books and am fast with them getting read. Although it is impossible, it feels as if you are in the story of the book itself, and that’s what makes the book so attractive. I choose books by the title, size of the letters, and the picture on the cover of the book. So, it’s kind of hard to find the perfect books, but I never give up because I love reading the best books I could read.

When times are bad and I’m just not feeling well, or when I’m in a great mood, I would plug the speaker’s cord into the computer and play songs. I would use a mike-like hair brush for the mike, and turn the volume up and just sing like you are doing a concert. I sing with all my heart. My favorite singers are Lauren Daigle, Annie Leblanc, and Michael Jackson.

I haven’t hung out with my friends recently, so I really miss them. When I used to hang out with them, we would take pictures and have birthday parties, and go shopping together. We always had great times. My birthday is coming up, so I’m very excited. We never had sad times or even unhappy times during these days.

Shopping!! Oh, I love shopping so very much. I like to shop for clothes and shoes the most, but I also like shopping gifts for my friends, relatives, and family. I could spend a whole week, just living in a shop filled with clothes, beds, and other big and small gifts. That’s how much I love buying stuff.

My final hobby is probably to play board games with my siblings. Since we are many, it’s possible for us to play normal board games which require many people. My favorite board games are, Jenga, Co-opoly, Freedom, Twister (it’s not a board game though), and Chinese- checkers. It’s so fun. I love all of them very much. I get to spend time with my family, and I get to use time that could be wasted. I love all of these hobbies of mine, and if I could, I’d like to play an instrument too. I play the piano a little, but something like a guitar or trumpet would be the best. These are some of the hobbies of mine.


(8th Grade) Lesson-1: Last Summer

Topic: What did you do this summer vacation.

(In Japan, we start the new school year from April, so I’ll write about the summer vacation I had last summer.)

Me and my family usually travel countries every year, and don’t settle down in one country so often. But due to the COVID-19, we couldn’t travel anywhere last year.

Last year, I had track-and-field practice, almost everyday during the vacation. A new teacher came to school, and he became the coach of the track-and-field team. If he had used his intelligence, he should’ve known that this summer’s temperature would was going to be REALLY high. He also should’ve started everyday practice from 5 A.M or 6 A.M so that practice could be over before the sun rose. But he didn’t. Instead, practice would start from 7:30~11:30. It was like living in a dessert for 2 hours having the sun right above you.

Another terrible thing was, I chose long jump as one of the categories that I’ll be practicing during track practice. Long jump was a sport that you run from whatever distance you think is perfect, and run as fast as you can to a certain line, and jump however much you can into the box, which is filled with sand. The reason this was terrible was because, when the sun struck the sand, it would become a frying pan on a hot stove. Meaning, the sound would become hot and burn. So, when we would jump into the sand, we would get up as quickly as we could before the sand was able to burn our behind. In order to prevent that from happening, all we could do was, water the sand with lots of water continuously before, and after jumping.

 But that was also a bad thing. Because, when we jumped we would get our pants and shirts dirty with wet sand or dirt. There was no constructive conclusion for this matter. All we could do was water the sand and get dirty. During the summer, we mostly had boiling hot days, but sometimes, there would be a little breeze in the air. (Very rarely.)

I also had badminton practice at night. It was awful there too. There were no air-conditioners in the gym. And even if there were one or two, we couldn’t turn it on, because wind would blow out, and it would interfier with the direction of the shuttle being hit. It was like hell likewise. It was SO hot.

I only have memories of being very hot and sweating all the time. Plus, in my house, we don’t use air-conditioners it was worse. All we could in the house was to lye around waiting for the day to go by. We even slept outside at night because it was cooler outside than in the house.

I wish I could’ve gone to the pool more often. If I could, I would’ve had sleepovers and movie nights with my friends, but I couldn’t because we don’t want to spread the virus. In conclusion, I think my summer vacation last year was pretty memorable. And was very very HOT! 


Thank you Ron Paul Curriculum(RPC)

Assignment: For your last assignment in this class, write a 1 page essay about what you learned in this class. Include what you liked or disliked, what you would change if you could, and what helped you the most this year.

 I’ve already taken the RPC 4th grade English class in 2018, so I knew what it was like when I started 7th grade English. I didn’t have much good memories in 4th grade because I was lazy and didn’t like to study. That did not change as I went through 7th grade though. My dad made me study and work hard on RPC, because he didn’t want to send us to school. So, I didn’t have so much motivation to get me started. But I matured slowly by slowly thanks to RPC and my dad. He pushed me when I didn’t want to do them.

At first, I didn’t like the concept of having to homeschool. But as my dad pulled me out of school, and I went to school only to take exams, I realized the other kids were very ignorant. The boys would only talk about fun games while the girls would talk about their crush. I’m not saying that all kids that go to school are ignorant, I’m just saying that I realized my class was mostly filled with those kind of kids. I couldn’t believe that I was a part of that. From then on, I got the power that enhanced my motivation in homeschooling. So, that’ll be why I started homeschooling and how I came up on RPC.

I liked 7th grade very much. In the beginning, I was tired of all the long reading assignments and would sometimes procrastinate. I never had the chance to read so many English books, since I live in Japan. (That’s why I sometimes don’t understand the books, and don’t feel like reading them.) RPC would’ve been perfect for me if 7th grade had less or short reading assignments.

Dislikes: RPC would’ve been perfect for me if 7th grade had less or shorter reading assignments.

Likes: I didn’t like RPC. Because I loved it! I can’t believe I’m writing this but, RPC helped me figure out the importance in not going to school. I like studying vocabulary words, and I am able to use those literal words in every day-speech, thanks to Mr. Bradley Fish and RPC. I liked how I could just finish watching the video, and just do what I wanted to do. I could manage my own schedule by myself, and do whatever I wanted that I liked. It was perfect for me. But most of all, I could launch my own blog, and post, essays. That was probably one of the best things that I liked.

If I could change one thing in the RPC, it would be to be able to facetime your teachers and get to see them on the internet. I really want to see Mr. North, and Mr. Fish, and to thank them about how incredible RPC has done for me, and what it would do in the future for me.



Tuzumi4 Followers!! (Part 4)

I can’t believe it. I’m already on part4 ?! Already? Oh, no. That can’t be right. I love writing this series. I wish I could do this forever.

That’s enough of drama I think. Now, let me begin. Of those who haven’t seen the other 3, I’ll attach the links below. Make sure you see them and check if you are written about there or not.

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Now, let’s start with today’s followers. Hopefully, this will be the last of this series. First up is,

Emilie Violets Essays. I like her and her blog very very much. We’ve exchanged e-mails and have been chatting on hangout for a few weeks now. Maybe a month. Anyways, I have to say, her blog is not nice. Because, it is beautiful just like her sister’s. (Jasmine Rose. Miss Academia’s Essays.) I’ve already wrote about her on part3. So, just like her sister, her posts are beautiful too. Her blog makes me feel very comfortable and calm. Her posts are very great too. Pleas CHECK HER BLOG OUT NOW!!!! Keep up the GREAT work Emilie!! You can do it. Oh, she also likes horses just like me.

Next up is, A Scoop Of My Life. I once had a great confusion, thinking that Catgirl22 was the same Catgirl from the 6-8 grade forum. (There is a “Catgirl” on the forum who is not “Catgirl22”.) Anyways, Catgirl22 loves cats and even has a dog. She even has a category in her blog called the “cat chat”, where you guys can chat about anything. She also has a brother. Please check her blog out now!! Keep up the good work Catgirl22!

Next appears, My School Blog. Her name is Kat and she has been homeschooling for forever. She is in 7th grade just like me, and I think she takes English and History. She posts her assignments on her blog, but she also shares some interesting stuff about people. Don’t miss it. Get it now. keep it up Kat!!

And her comes….Hidden Discoveries!!! Also called, “The Junglefoul”. I love his blog as much as I do mine. He loves animals and nature very much. He also has many different categories like, “Bible Post”, “School Essays”, “Nature and Wildlife Post”, etc. They are all very interesting. And if you like nature and animals and science, I recommend checking out his blog NOW! Keep up the great work Junglefowl!

Next is, Sofia Hussain Writes Things. Her blog’s front page may not look attractive, but when you actually read her posts and profile, she is amazing. She is half Egyptian and half Indian. She also can play the piano and has written over 20 novels since the age of 8!! She is 14 years old now. Her posts are great and so is her national countries. I’m also half Japanese and half American incase you didn’t know. Please check out her blog now! Keep it up Sofia!!

Sorry guys. That’s all for today. There were still 5 more of you guys left, but I thought it would be better if I divided the amount into 5 bloggers per-post instead of 10 in one. So, the final post would be done tomorrow. Or maybe even tonight. I’m planning on staying up the whole night! See you in the next post~



Tuzumi4 Followers (Part 2)

Hey guys! Welcome back to part 2. Like part 1, I wont be able to include all followers, so this post would be just another 8~10 bloggers. Sorry…

Here I go:

First is, Jonathan’s Essays. Apparently, he likes wolves and dogs. He is in 9th grade and he is a christian. His blog is very interesting, and he has many plants and flowers as the featured image of his posts. Please check out his blog!! You have a very nice blog Jonathan! Keep posting ’cause they are great!

Next is, Indies essays. Indie’s posts are very outstanding. She has been nominated with lots of “Blogger Awards”. She is in 8th grade, and takes RPC lessons. She has this very funny category called “Button Swap Page”, where you can swap icons or something like that with her. You’ll understand better if you check it out so please do. Good luck Indie!!

Next appears, 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕡𝕚𝕥𝕪 𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕤 𝕗𝕠𝕣 ℝℙℂ. As you can see from the words, her blog and her style is very unique. You should definitely check it out. Her posts are easy to read, and are based on English and Business 1 essays. Keep up the good work Sarah!!

Next is, Ron Paul follower. Emily is Sarah’s, (𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕡𝕚𝕥𝕪 𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕤 𝕗𝕠𝕣 ℝℙℂ) sister. Emily’s blog’s front page has a very scary picture on it, so I almost screamed when I first saw it. Anyways, just like her sister, Emily also has very interesting posts and are very easy to read. Please check it out!! Keep it up Emily!!

Next comes, Geekglamma. She has her own blog for shopping. She sells clothes and small things like ear-rings and bracelets and sunglasses for men and women. if you are looking for people who sell stuff online, I recommend Geekglamma. show more of your amazing stuff Geekglamma!

Next is, Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. By, SaaniaSparkle. She is AMAZING!!! She has more than 1000 followers and gets many many likes on every post of hers, and she is only 16?! All her posts are amazing. They are based on interesting topics, and are very well written. I recommend to check her blog out NOW!!! Keep up the good work SaaniaSparkle!!!

That’s it for today. The next post would be posted tomorrow. Let me know what you all think, and definitely visit their sites, because they are all very nice and amazing. Follow me now, or you won’t be in my next posts.



Tuzumi4 Followers!!(Part 1)

Hey guys!! Welcome back. To all of you who have read my previous post “Tuzumi4 Followers (premier)”, should know that this post is the real post. To the bloggers who haven’t seen it, let me give you a quick description. If you are a follower of mine, I’ll write a paragraph about you and your blog and what I like about it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t write it in one time so I divided this post into a couple of them, probably will be able to post everyday. Anyways, here we go:

gingerale kitchen otherwise known as, “gingerwithknives”. Her blog is about the food she makes and how to make them. They look very delicious and when I started this blog, I checked them out daily, trying to learn her recipe. You should definitely check her blog out!! Keep up the good work gingerwithknives!!

Next is, Mias Blog Mia is from RPC. Taking a look at her blog, you can see it’s amazing! She has lots of different subjects’ essays and she seems like a real hard worker. She is in 10 or 11 or 12th grade, and she is a very kind person. Please do check her blog out because it is amazing!! Good luck Mia!!

Next is, Andromeda’s RPC. Although Andromeda’s icon is a little scary, his/her blog is very nice. In relation to having his/her own school assignments from the RPC, he/she has a different category called, “Traveling/Photography”, where he posts his/her pictures he took while traveling. They are VERY good photos. Please do check his/her blog out ’cause it’s more than GREAT!! Keep taking photos because you’re amazing Andromeda!

Next comes, The Dreamer. I don’t quite know if it’s a he or her, so I’ll just make it a he. Sorry if you are a her dreamer. Anyways, I love Dreamer. He “likes” mostly all of my posts. It’s really nice of him. And another reason why I like him is because his blog is so special. I love the picture of the front page and the title of his blog. Like Mia, he also seems like a hard worker. Please do check his blog out because it is very nice. Keep dreaming Dreamer!!

Next is, Oc’s_ StudyBlog. He used to give me corrections on my esasys, but recently, he’s gone like the wind. Come back STUDY BLOG!! I miss you~. His blog is very unique and that’s what makes it so cool. Check it out y’all!! Keep it up!

Next is, The Adventures of Quintin F. Occupation:. I haven’t really checked it out so much. There’s a lot of blogger awards on his blog. I hope you like them. If you work hard, you might get one, one day. Keep trying Quintin!!

Next comes, Miss Academia’s Essays. I don’t know what to say about Jasmine’s blog. It’s just tooo amazing. It makes you feel peaceful, and her writing is very good too. She also picks decent. I have a lot in common with her. Her blog is very beautiful, and she has many followers! Keep up the nice blog Jasmine, ’cause you are doing more than GREAT!!

Next is, JakeL blog. Jakel loves horses just like me. His blog has a lot of categories. Which are all very interesting. He apparently loves tractors. Keep up the good work Jakel!!


Bedroom Makeover

If I could do a bedroom makeover, how will I design it?

Well, first, I will take every single thing including my bed outside the room so that I could repaint the whole room white. After I paint the room white, I will make a fake

“brick like wall”, meaning something like the picture below:

Brick wall like quality paper for decorating walls.

I would use the paper from the picture above, and stick them all over the whole room. And I’ll definitely have to use white paint. That’s all for the walls. Next, I’ll be moving on to the window.

I will change the whole window and transform it into a type of window called “bay”, like the picture below.

And like the picture, I will have light pink curtains parted in the center and have a vase of flowers on the window. One bay window will do just fine for my small bedroom. Moving on, I’m going to choose furniture! My favorite part. Since the room isn’t so big, I decided to not bring a closet or any small shelves only if needed seriously. So, instead of buying a wooden closet, I came up with the idea of building a closet and small shelf into the room. I know this sounds stupid, but you’ll be amazed at how it turn out.

So, what I need to do first is, buy nails and some wood in length of the side of the wall. The picture below is after I built the closets and stuff.

Closet filled with clothes and shoes and stuff. (In the middle of the room.)

It looks hard but it’s probably quite easy to make, I think. I can buy hangers and small baskets at the 99$ store. The stuff that’s left over for the room is choosing my bed, and making some shelves and moving in my small supplies.

I kind of wanted to hang some cool pictures in the room to decorate. I’ll be using two walls for pictures and another for shelves, and the last wall for a TV.

For the shelves, I thought of making them on my own. I could nail in some holders into the wall and place some thick wood on top of it. Then, it will look something like a perfect shelf for the contrasting color of the wall.

Wooden shelf.

I will probably make two sets of the shelves like the picture above. And that’ll fill in a wall or two. The last wall, I will hang in the old 80’s or 90’s magazines like the pictures below:

50’s or 60’s magazine.

Putting the magazine in a picture frame and hanging it is the best way to decorate.

The final job is to put in my bed in the room, and move in all my small stuff. My favorite bed is the one in the picture:

My favorite type of bed.

So, after all that, I just move in my stuff, and that settles all of it!!

~Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it!!


Everyday Routine

Welcome back guys!

I saw some other bloggers writing about their everyday routine, and I thought that it was pretty cool, so I decided to write about my own. I homeschool, so I usually am lazy unlike school. But I try pushing myself into doing more and more so that I can grow into a “self-pusher”. Sometimes, at the end of a terrible day, not having my stuff done, I feel terrible and not good at all. And I don’t like that not one little bit. So I decided to come up with a routine that’s easy to follow and can keep doing it day by day. And of course, can get my errands and work done.

I don’t actually follow every single step, but I use it very similarly. So let me know what kinda routine you follow while you homeschool, or at your job. It’s pretty crucial to be able to compare and contrast the similarity or dissimilarity between and try to take some points in my routine.

I usually wake up at 7:00 A.M and I get out of bed. After I make my bed, I go downstairs and wash my face, then I brush out my hair. I use an eye mask frequently so before I wash my face, I put it back into a small basket that my grandmother sewed for me. After I brush my hair, I go into the garden/yard and check the post. If I am the first one to wake up, I collect the newspaper from the post and bring it in and give to my grandmother.

Then, I stay in the yard and do the “Radio warm-up” which you can check out here. It starts you up in the morning and gets you moving. Then, I water the plants while I sing. After all that, I sweep the entrance where all the shoes are kept. I have to take then all out, and then put them all back in. (It’s quite a job.)

I usually sweep the entrance, or sweep the bedroom if everyone is already up. I feed my only goldfish and talk to it for a few seconds, and I’m back starting the laundry. Since we are MANY, there are lots of clothes to be washed and lots to be hanged to dry.

After starting and hanging the laundry, it’s already about 8:30. I always try to start my work from 9:00, but I don’t know if that can work. I sometimes cook breakfast for everyone or just for myself. Breakfast is usually, oatmeal, sandwich, or cereal with home-made yogurt. Pssss I don’t really like oatmeal because it gives me stomachaches.

It’s usually somewhere between 9:10~9:20 when I finish eating breakfast. I say my prayers and it’s about 9:30 when I start my schoolwork.

I make a small schedule about which subject I start and which one I’ll do next and stuff. When it’s around 12:20, me and my siblings get ready to go out side. We always do this game where there’s the first person who goes to the park and the second person who goes about 5 minutes after the first group leaves. The first group gets to the park nearby first and hides while the second person arrives and seeks them. When all of the first groupers are found, we play and come back at around 1:30~1:45. We eat lunch, and the youngest one, Ezra, is put to bed by me, my brother, my sister, or one of my parents.

I study for the rest of the afternoon, and I finish at around 3:00 or 4:00. Sometimes, when there is some delay, I finish at 5:00. After that, I watch some videos on YouTube, or listen to Annie Leblanc and Lauren Daigle’s songs and sing with my heart. I luv to sing! And I take in the laundry and fold them

I take badminton classes from 7:00~9:30 at night every day except for Sunday and Monday. I also go to the swimming pool with my mom and siblings on every Tuesday.

After I come back from badminton class, I take a shower and eat dinner, then, maybe read a book and close my eyes by covering them with my yellow and pink eye mask…..

The next thing I know, I’m in sweet dreams…….


My Dream(s)

My dreams when I was young, was to become a professional badminton player, and play badminton. I started playing badminton late. That’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t hold onto my very own dream. I was definitely depressed. I couldn’t accept that. But I never gave up. I still practice badminton 24 7. (Mostly.) I’m currently 13 years old, and I have a tournament coming up on the 21st. I’d appreciate it, if you guys would wish me luck! That was my biggest dream ever, I think?!

Another dream of mine, is to become a nurse in the U.S. When I start to think about my life, and what I want to do about it, I came upon a conclusion. I always wanted to become something, or someone related to medical equipment. I could’ve become a nurse in Japan, but I chose the U.S for a few reasons.

  1. People stare at me because I’m not their color
  2. The U.S pay way more than Japan!

The last dream is crucial then the rest. It is to have a bf that I kinda like now. Apparently, he’s not into girls!? Lol!

That’ll probably be all of my dreams! Thanks for reading.


Rebel Girl: Marta Vieira Da Silva

Soccer player

Marta loved to play soccer, and she was always the first to be picked by the boys when teams were made. Her mom couldn’t afford to send her to school, so Marta used to sell fruit in the public market to help her family get by. In her spare time, she played soccer in the streets.

One day, when Marta was fourteen, a famous soccer coach saw her playing with a group of boys. Her speed, superb control, and strong left foot amazed the coach. She knew that Marta would become a champion, and she helped her join the Vasco Da Gama football club.

Despite her talent, Marta didn’t have an easy career. In Brazil, soccer is still considered a man’s game, and there isn’t much funding for women’s teams. When she was seventeen, Marta decided to accept an offer to move to Sweden. There, she won several league titles and a record five consecutive World Player of the Year Awards from FIFA, soccer’s international governing body.

Her fancy footwork and blistering goals earned her the nickname Pele con Faldas (Pele` with skirts), after the greatest soccer player of all time, but she didn’t pay too much attention to that. She captained the Brazilian national team in her trademark number 10 yellow jersey, leading it to silver medals in the Olympic Games.

Marta was appointed a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for her role in promoting equality in sport. “I feel proud”, she said, “when I know that little girls and boys look up to me as an example”.

Born February 19, 1986 Brazil

“I was called A ‘Macho Woman’. It motivated me”!! – Marta Vieira Da Silva

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Today was my grandmother’s birthday, so I decided to write a little poem about and for her. I’m sure it’s not the very best, but you must know, this is my third poem that I ever wrote in my life. She turned 68 this year.

From the day I was born

I was given much love

And a unicorn

You always stood beside me

When I was sad


And bad

I dream of the future

When the Covid is through

We can play all day

It’s just me and you

What lovely days it’ll be

Buying a flower bouquet

And choosing your favorite fruit tree

But time clicks so fast

Before I know, you are 68

I wish I was in the past

Oh what great days we had

Riding on a young calf

Swimming in a large pool

And diving from a stool!


Lesson-160: From the Sky(Poem)

As fluffy white objects fell from the sky

You would’ve thought that the world would die

And the wind blew strong

Making the snow go beyond

The least I could do was take a picture

Or maybe two

Standing in the middle of the street

Laying my arms and legs out

I watched as the snow landed on my feet

As minutes clicked away

I found myself astray

Surrounded by white sheets

That fell from the leaves

The next thing I knew

I was back in my room


Lesson 150: My Poem

To all of you

Who love to write

This is the best poem

You’ll ever like

It’s about a woman

By the name of Agatha

Who always wrote

Interesting novels

She always wanted

To be a professional

But never had a chance

To make her dream come true

Agatha sent stories

To magazine companies

But they never insisted

In letting her achieve

Her very own goal

But she never gave up

She kept on writing

And kept on writing

Until a publisher accepted

Her mystery novel

It was a very big hit

And a huge success

It sold more than

2 billion copies

It has been translated

Over a hundred copies

And is read

All over the world


Lesson 145-Idylls of the King

As the morning began in the king’s castle, there was a lot of loud noise. It was the cooks getting breakfast ready, the cleaners sweeping the floors, but most of all, was the servants getting the king’s horses ready. Today was hunting day.

“Good morrow,” said the king to every servant he saw.

“What a beautiful day it is again!” Spoke Arthur.

As soon as the king arrived into the dining hall, and sat ready for his breakfast, his servants came to the table with his breakfast.

“Good morrow,” said the king as he greeted his servants.

When all the food was brought to the table, Arthur invited Lancelot to join him with his breakfast. As they were eating their breakfast, one of the guards came in with a young messenger saying,

“Good morrow, your honor. I brought thou this messenger who wants to tell thou something.”

“Very well. Tell that messenger that I will be in the royal chair after eating breakfast.” Replied the king.

The guard went away trying to take a good glimpse of the food that Arthur and Lancelot were eating.

As the king and Lancelot ate till their fill, they went to the royal chair to see the messenger.

“I am very sorry for the delay. What message did thou bring to me?” Asked the king.

“Your honor, it isn’t a message from thou‘s enemy nor friend. It is a letter from a famous merchant, he says, that whoever brings a gray hare will get a thousand gold coins.”

“A thousand gold coins!?” Shouted Arthur and Lancelot at the same time.

“Yes, your honor. And that is all.” Replied the messenger.

 The next day.

“Oh NO!” Shouted the king, running into the courtyard, gathering all of his knights.

“What is it, that makes thou so apprehensive?” Asked Lancelot.

“Oh no! Thou would not believe what happened yester eve. I found a gray hair!” Replied the king.

“A…a…a…a gray ha…ha..hare?! O…o…one..thou..sand gold coins…!! That is wonderful, your honor. We shall immediately find that messenger and give him the good news!” Replied Lancelot.

The king wore his best clothes and a diamond crown upon his head. Lancelot did the same, wearing his knight robe with his biggest sword and shield. And so did the other knights and servants.

When everything was set and ready, the king put his gray hair into a round red box as big as a hare could fit, and made a servant bring it into the hall.

As soon as everything was done, the king ordered the messenger to come to the hall where, everybody was waiting very anxiously.

“Now, let us present the royal gray hare.” Announced a minister.

The drum was played while vey slowly, the red box was being opened. When the box was fully opened, and seeing just a gray hair in it, the messenger said,


“It is the gray hair that you’ve asked for is it not?” Asked the king very worried.

“Indeed it is not. I asked for a gray HARE, not a gray HAIR. I could find a gray hair anywhere!” replied the messenger.

Everyone in the hall was shocked. They thought that they were going to get a thousand gold coins!

“Oh, please…my gold coins…” Said Arthur, sinking into his arms.


Lesson 140- Macbeth

Topic: Write a summary of the storyline Macbeth. Give your own commentary whether you think Macbeth’s decisions were good or bad and how you would have acted in his place.

The story Macbeth, was written by the famous poet, William Shakespear. This book was one of Shakespear’s most darkest and serious plays. This book is set in Scotland, and is about a man called Macbeth, and what he did to become next King.

As I wrote above, the story starts off with Macbeth and his friend Bonquo coming back from battle when they meet three witches. The witches tell Macbeth, that the prophecy said that he’ll be the next king after the current king dies. Hearing this, Macbeth was indeed overjoyed. The three witches vanish, and Macbeth goes home to tell Lady Macbeth the good news.

After a while, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth becomes impatient and decided to kill the current king, Duncan. They plan a feast and invites the king to it. At night, while the king was sleeping, Macbeth tiptoed into the king’s room and killed him silently.

The next morning, seeing that the king was still sleeping, the guards went to wake the king up. But when they entered his bedroom, they found him lying on the bed dead. Hearing this, Macbeth framed the murder of the king on the two guards that were watching the king.

After all this, the king’s sons Malcom and Donalbain flees to England for their lives. Macbeth succeeds in becoming king, and invites Banquo and his son to a feast. During the feast, Macbeth finds out that Banquo had been planning to flee to England with his son because of the suspicion of Macbeth. Macbeth sends murderers to kill them both. But they only were able to murder Banquo, and not his son.

Meanwhile, in England, Malcolm and Macduff have been planning revenge. They form an army and rise up against “the tyrant.” On the way, every man cuts a bough from the Great Birnam wood to camouflage their numbers. When they attack Macduff, this is a fulfillment of the prophecy of his not needing to fear till the wood rises up against him.

Macduff challenges Macbeth to a sword fight; now it is only skill that can help Macbeth to survive. Does Macbeth kill Macduff and continue his rule? Or does Macbeth die and the reign of terror finish? To find this out, you have to read (or watch) the play.

It was kinda hard reading this book because it was written in old English and stuff. But the plot wasn’t that bad so I kinda liked it.

If I was Macbeth, I would have waited until Duncan had died, then become king. And I think that would’ve been the best for Macbeth too.


Lesson- 135 The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew is a play written by the famous William Shakespear. It is a play in a play! The Taming of the Shrew starts out with a nobleman who tricks a drunk tinker into believing he is a nobleman himself, and has a play performed to distract the tinker. And this is how the play goes.

There was once a rich wealthy man who had two contrasting like daughters. The older daughter, Katherine, (Kate) was a very loud and masterful person, also referred as the shrew while the younger daughter Bianca, was a sweet natural and kind girl who had many suitors. Seeing that Bianca had many suitors while Kate having none, the father made an announcement that Bianca would not be married until Kate is married. Hearing this, Gremio and Hortensio, (Bianca’ suitors) seeks for a man that could marry Kate.

While searching, they come upon a man named Petruchio, who is willing to marry Kate. This is the words which were spoken when Kate and Petruchio met.

PETRUCHIO. Good morrow, Kate- for that’s your name, I hear.

KATHERINA. Well have you heard, but something hard of hearing: They call me Katherine that do talk of me.

PETRUCHIO. You lie, in faith, for you are call’d plain Kate, And bonny Kate, and sometimes Kate the curst; But, Kate, the prettiest Kate in Christendom, Kate of Kate Hall, my super-dainty Kate, For dainties are all Kates, and therefore, Kate, Take this of me, Kate of my consolation- Hearing thy mildness prais’d in every town, Thy virtues spoke of, and thy beauty sounded, Yet not so deeply as to thee belongs, Myself am mov’d to woo thee for my wife.

KATHERINA. Mov’d! in good time! Let him that mov’d you hither Remove you hence. I knew you at the first You were a moveable.

PETRUCHIO. Why, what’s a moveable?

KATHERINA. A join’d-stool.

PETRUCHIO. Thou hast hit it. Come, sit on me.

KATHERINA. Asses are made to bear, and so are you.

PETRUCHIO. Women are made to bear, and so are you.

KATHERINA. No such jade as you, if me you mean.

PETRUCHIO. Alas, good Kate, I will not burden thee! For, knowing thee to be but young and light-

KATHERINA. Too light for such a swain as you to catch; And yet as heavy as my weight should be.

PETRUCHIO. Should be! should- buzz!

KATHERINA. Well ta’en, and like a buzzard.

PETRUCHIO. O, slow-wing’d turtle, shall a buzzard take thee?

KATHERINA. Ay, for a turtle, as he takes a buzzard.

PETRUCHIO. Come, come, you wasp; i’ faith, you are too angry.

KATHERINA. If I be waspish, best beware my sting.

PETRUCHIO. My remedy is then to pluck it out.

KATHERINA. Ay, if the fool could find it where it lies.

PETRUCHIO. Who knows not where a wasp does wear his sting? In his tail.

KATHERINA. In his tongue.

PETRUCHIO. Whose tongue?

KATHERINA. Yours, if you talk of tales; and so farewell.

PETRUCHIO. What, with my tongue in your tail? Nay, come again, Good Kate; I am a gentleman.

KATHERINA. That I’ll try. [She strikes him]

PETRUCHIO. I swear I’ll cuff you, if you strike again.

KATHERINA. So may you lose your arms. If you strike me, you are no gentleman; And if no gentleman, why then no arms.

PETRUCHIO. A herald, Kate? O, put me in thy books!

KATHERINA. What is your crest- a coxcomb?

PETRUCHIO. A combless cock, so Kate will be my hen.

KATHERINA. No cock of mine: you crow too like a craven.

PETRUCHIO. Nay, come, Kate, come; you must not look so sour.

KATHERINA. It is my fashion, when I see a crab. bWhy, here’s no crab; and therefore look not sour.

KATHERINA. There is, there is.

PETRUCHIO. Then show it me.

KATHERINA. Had I a glass I would.

PETRUCHIO. What, you mean my face?

KATHERINA. Well aim’d of such a young one.

PETRUCHIO. Now, by Saint George, I am too young for you.

KATHERINA. Yet you are wither’d.

PETRUCHIO. ‘Tis with cares.

KATHERINA. I care not.

PETRUCHIO. Nay, hear you, Kate- in sooth, you scape not so.

KATHERINA. I chafe you, if I tarry; let me go.

PETRUCHIO. No, not a whit; I find you passing gentle. ‘Twas told me you were rough, and coy, and sullen, And now I find report a very liar; For thou art pleasant, gamesome, passing courteous, But slow in speech, yet sweet as springtime flowers. Thou canst not frown, thou canst not look askance, Nor bite the lip, as angry wenches will, Nor hast thou pleasure to be cross in talk; But thou with mildness entertain’st thy wooers; With gentle conference, soft and affable. Why does the world report that Kate doth limp? O sland’rous world! Kate like the hazel-twig Is straight and slender, and as brown in hue As hazel-nuts, and sweeter than the kernels. O, let me see thee walk. Thou dost not halt.

KATHERINA. Go, fool, and whom thou keep’st command.

PETRUCHIO. Did ever Dian so become a grove As Kate this chamber with her princely gait? O, be thou Dian, and let her be Kate; And then let Kate be chaste, and Dian sportful! KATHERINA. Where did you study all this goodly speech?

PETRUCHIO. It is extempore, from my mother wit.

KATHERINA. A witty mother! witless else her son.

PETRUCHIO. Am I not wise?

KATHERINA. Yes, keep you warm.

PETRUCHIO. Marry, so I mean, sweet Katherine, in thy bed. And therefore, setting all this chat aside, Thus in plain terms: your father hath consented That you shall be my wife your dowry greed on; And will you, nill you, I will marry you. Now, Kate, I am a husband for your turn; For, by this light, whereby I see thy beauty, Thy beauty that doth make me like thee well, Thou must be married to no man but me; For I am he am born to tame you, Kate, And bring you from a wild Kate to a Kate Conformable as other household Kates.

Kate’s father accepts this, and Kate and Petruchio gets married. Although Kate is happy with Petruchio, she does not know what will be taking place for the next few days.

Petruchio puts on a fake mask making Kate starve, and not letting her sleep for a whole night. And a few more of Kate’s complaint about Petruchio.

GRUMIO. No, no, forsooth; I dare not for my life.

KATHERINA. The more my wrong, the more his spite appears. What, did he marry me to famish me? Beggars that come unto my father’s door Upon entreaty have a present alms; If not, elsewhere they meet with charity; But I, who never knew how to entreat, Nor never needed that I should entreat, Am starv’d for meat, giddy for lack of sleep; With oaths kept waking, and with brawling fed; And that which spites me more than all these wants- He does it under name of perfect love; As who should say, if I should sleep or eat, ‘Twere deadly sickness or else present death.

After many days, Kate and Petruchio are invited to come to Bianca’s wedding. The groom was a man named Lucentio. Hortensio, being one of Bianca’s suitors, gave up on Bianca for she did not care for him.

In the end, the consequences of doing all the horrible stuff to Kate, Petruchio now has a wife that is very calm and does whatever anybody says, and that is Katherina. In the end, they live happily ever after.


Rebel Girl: Ada Lovelace


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ada who loved machines.

She also loved the idea of flying. She studied birds to work out the perfect balance between wing size and body weight. She tested out materials and several designs. She never managed to soar like a bird, but she created a book full of drawings called Flyology where she recorded all her findings. One night, Ada went to a ball. There, she met a grumpy old mathematician named Charles Babbage. Ada was a brilliant mathematician herself, and the two soon became good friends. Charles invited Ada to see a machine he had invented. He called it the Difference Engine. It could automatically add and subtract numbers. No one had ever done that before. Ada was hooked.

“What if we built a machine that could make more complicated calculations?” she said. Excited, Ada and Charles started working. The machine was huge and it required an enormous steam engine.

Ada wanted to go further: “What if this machine could play music and show letters as well as numbers?”

She was describing a computer, way before computers were even invented!!

Ada wrote the first computer program in history.


December 10, 1815- November 27, 1852 UNITED KINGDOM


Step By Step- NO.2 (Hanging Gardens)

When you want colour high up or relating closely to the buildings, the easiest way is to create a hanging garden, either in baskets or in wall-mounted containers. A purpose-made hanging basket is designed so that as the flowers grow, they cascade through the side and spill over the edge in a joyous colour, covering the whole basket. An alternative is to make the basket or container part of the display. Ordinary shopping baskets, buckets, agricultural containers, even kitchen equipment such as colanders, pots and pans can be used.

Planting and Positioning Hanging Baskets

One hanging basket, alone on a wall, can look rather insignificant. Far better to plant up baskets in pairs, either with similar plants to create an echoing effect, or with clashing, contrasting colours. For a really stunning effect, entirely cover a wall with baskets, but remember, these plants need water during summer, especially in mid summer!

If the container is large and in danger for getting too heavy for its support, one trick is to put a layer of broken up expanded polystyrene (from plant trays or electrical goods packaging) in the bottom of the container. This is lighter than the equivalent amount of compost and provides good drainage. Containers should have drainage holes, and baskets will need lining to stop the soil from being washed out while you are watering. Liners can be home-made from pieces of plastic sheet cut to size, with a layer of moss tucked between the basket and the plastic for a more decorative look. Alternatively, you can use a proprietary liner, made from paper pulp, to fit purpose-made hanging baskets, or coconut matting – which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to adapt to all kinds of baskets.

Whichever type of container you choose, it needs to be filled with a good compost, and adding fertilizer granules and water-retaining gel can also help promote lush results and make care and maintenance a little easier.

Hanging-basket filled with colorful Pansies



Hey guys! Welcome back to tuzumi4!! Well, to start off, I’d like to say some things first.

This topic is what I came up with. And, my tests were over today! So, all the stress is gone! I’m also starting badminton classes. I think you’ll be bored reading this, introduction, so, let me start now.

I have a lot of movies/films that I like. Comedy, drama, and adventure are my favorites. My favorite movies/films are:

Coming To America


Nutty Professor (Part 1, 2, 3)


Passenger 57

The Magnificent 7

West Side Story

These are basically my favorite movies. I like cow boy movies, Westley Snipe’s movies, and Eddie Murphy movies.


Lesson-130 Tom Sawyer

Topic: Give examples of soliloquy, personification, and imagery from Tom Sawyer.

The author of this book, known as Mark Twain, was the author of many books which are sold till this today.

They are known as:

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County    

A Connecticut Yankee in King Authors’ Court

A Tramp Aboard

Tom Sawyer etc.

Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Lenghorn Clemens, was born in Hannibal Missouri, 1835. His first success in writing was the book called, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, in 1865. Mark Twain had four children. He died in 1910 from a heart attack.

In this essay I’ll write about four of my favorite characters. They are, Tom, Huck, Sid, and Aunt Polly.

Tom: Tom is the main character, who is very mischievous, and is always getting into trouble. Although he is mischievous, and makes his Aunt angry, he loves his aunt.

As I read throughout this book, I learned the personalities of Tom. He loves anything that’s worth money, and he hates going to school and church. He also isn’t good at reading, and is often helped by his stepsister, Mary, in reading the bible. He also gets his errands done in a cunning way, making his friends do them!

Huck: Huck is one of Tom’s best friends. In this book, Huck helps Tom by spying a few men who had been hiding gold! Huck’s father was a big alcoholic, who didn’t care so much for Huck. And Huck had no mother. Huck was homeless, so he would usually spend nights, snooping around pigpens looking for a place to sleep. Worst then Tom, Huck couldn’t read because he never went to school.

Sid: Sid was tom’s younger brother. Unlike Tom, Sid was a good boy to his Aunt, but was hated by Tom, for he would tell on his brother, about the mischief that Tom and his friends did.

Aunt Polly: Aunt Polly is like Tom’s mother. Since Tom doesn’t have any parents, Aunt Polly takes care of Tom and Sid. Aunt Polly hates but loves Tom. Telling Tom to run errands, and Tom not doing it is more than often.


Lesson-115 Daisy & Sally’s Surprise

Topic: Write a two to three page chapter for the book Little Men. Use the actual characters, personalities, and places from the book to create a potential chapter for later in the book.

On one raining Saturday afternoon, Sally went into Daisy’s room to play. Sally knocked on Daisy’s door saying,

“Daisy, let me in! I sure do have a great idea for both of us! Let me in quickly while nobody is here”.

Daisy opened her door to let Sally in.

“What is it?”

Replied Daisy with a sleepy face.

She had been sleeping because of the cleaning up she had to do with her patty-pans (a little stove which was bought particularly for the girls to cook) the night before. What had happened the night before, had taken place in the room where her patty-pans were kept at. Daisy had forgotten that she had left her egg carton, filled with eggs, on the edge of the stove. Not knowing about this, she turned around to look for some vegetables in the cupboard below her. As she was trying to get an onion which was deep inside the cupboard, she accidently hit her head on the cupboard. Because of that, the whole stove shook and the egg carton, which was on the corner of the stove, opened! As the carton opened, the carton had moved closer to the corner of the table. When Daisy finally found the onion, she stood up vigorously. But as she did that, she accidently took the egg carton on to her head because the egg carton had moved so close to the corner of the stove that half of the carton wasn’t on the table! And, because the lid was open, all the eggs fell out of the carton and half of the eggs fell onto Daisy and the other half went flying to the floor. Daisy screamed in despair as Ms. Bhaer came into the room to help Daisy clean up the mess.

“I had been thinking about cooking a surprise snack for everyone, including Mr. and Ms. Bhaer. So, what you think?” Asked Sally.

“I think it’s a great idea and we should start as soon as we can”, replied Daisy, as she headed towards her door to get started.

“Wait. I want this to be a secret, and nobody knowing except for Aunt Jo,” said Sally.

“Great idea Sally,” replied Daisy.

“Now, let’s go ask Aunt Jo for permission and start.” Replied Daisy.

The two girls walked quietly as they went to look for Aunt Jo. Luckily, they didn’t bump into anyone while they were searching for her. They finally found her reading a book sitting on a rocking chair.

“Aunt Jo, Aunt Jo”, called Sally as she ran towards her.

“What tis it I can do for you girls?” asked Aunt Jo.

Daisy and Sally told Aunt Jo what they had planned.

“It is a splendid idea, I sure will help you girls.” Was the answer from Aunt Jo.

They immediately went to by the groceries for their surprise party. When they arrived back at home they prepared for their surprise party. Daisy went to set up the table. She pulled out a tablecloth from a shelf. It was a beautiful tablecloth. It was covered with various types of flowers and plants. When Daisy and Sally covered the big long table with the cloth, it was amazing!

Sally went out to her garden and plucked a few flowers and put them into multiple

vases and arranged them neatly on the table.  

Meanwhile, Daisy and Aunt Jo worked on making their snacks, which were cupcakes. First, they bated the softened butter in a bowl and added sugar, flour, salt, eggs, milk and mixed it until the liquid was smooth. After that, they poured the liquid, which looked like milk, into small cups and placed them in the oven to let them bake. After the cups were placed in the oven, Sally came back saying,

“Look at what I’ve got. Bunch of flowers for the cupcakes”.

“Why will we need flowers for the cupcakes?” asked Daisy in a low tone.

“Oh Daisy. Don’t speak to our little girl like that. Besides, she was trying to help make the cupcakes look pretty with the flowers beside them. Ain’t I right Sally dear?” asked Aunt Jo.

“You sure are”, replied Sally, putting the flowers on the table nearby.

“I’m sorry Sally. I didn’t mean it like that at all. It was just that I…I…was a bit jealous of you…” said Daisy becoming quieter as she finished her sentence.

“Jealous of me? But why? I’ve done nothing for you to be jealous of me,” replied Sally.

“Oh you sure are doing right now”, said Daisy, getting a little louder than before.

“But, what could I possibly be doing but bringing some flowers from the garden?” Said Sally, also getting loud.

“That’s enough, girls. If you keep on quarreling, everyone will wake up and come see what’s happening, and then, the cupcake party will be spoiled. You two apologize to each other and let’s work on getting the cupcakes decorated. Is that understood?” Said Aunt Jo.

“Yes, ma’am”, replied both of them.

“I’m sorry Sally”, said Daisy.

“I’m sorry too Daisy”, said Sally.

“Good girls. Now, let’s get back to work”, said Aunt Jo.

Right about that time, the cupcakes were ready to come out of the oven. Aunt Jo used her mittens to pull out the cups. As she did this, a great heat of fragrance came out along with the puffed cupcakes.

“Mmm…something smells delicious”, said Daisy and Sally.

“I totally agree with you two”, replied Aunt Jo with a smiling face.

With the help of Daisy and Sally, Aunt Jo was able to pull out the cakes from the cups and put them on a plate. They placed the flowers that Sally plucked from her garden and placed them neatly onto the plates.

Daisy boiled some water while Aunt Jo went to get some tea bags. Sally took the cakes into the dining room and set them onto the table. She carefully took one plate at a time in order to keep the beautiful tablecloth nice and perfect.

As soon as the water boiled, Sally placed teabags into the cups while Aunt Jo poured water into the cups, and Daisy took the cups to the table. After everything was set, Sally and Daisy on one side, and Aunt Jo on the other side, took hold of a big long cloth to cover the table to prevent anyone from seeing the goodies.

“Come everyone! We have a surprise for you all. Come to the dining table”, screamed Sally.

The first person to appear was Nat.

“What tis that you say is a surprise?” Said Nat.

“Come and you’ll see”, replied Daisy.

After everyone, including Mr. and Ms. Bhaer, had assembled in the dining room, Aunt Jo and Daisy and Sally pulled away the cloth that was covering the table. Everyone was speechless until Ms. Bhaer stood up and said,

“Well…everyone. Before we eat these lovely cupcakes, let’s give a warm clap for Daisy, Sally, and Aunt Jo. They’ve worked so hard to make these for us”, she said, as she pointed towards the cupcakes.

“Let us give Sally and Daisy to make us give a toast. Is that understood kids?” Asked Ms. Bhaer.

“Yes, ma’am”, replied everyone.

Daisy and Sally stood up from their chairs.

“We worked all afternoon looking for the perfect snack, and we’ve found it”, said Daisy.

“It wasn’t easy, but, I had a wonderful time making it”, said Sally.

And they both took their teacups high into the air and said,


Everybody did the same before they dug into their cupcakes. And everyone had a great snack time that day that, it was never forgotten.

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