Cooking Contest?

Hey guys! As you may have already read the title, I supposed you can figure it out. Now that I am seeing Corrie S.P doing some contests, which seemed soooo fun, I decided to do one too. But the thing is, I don’t know if anyone is interested in entering the cooking contest.

So, first, I will be needing at least 4 applicants.

The rules are very simple.

・Make any dish or snack that you want.

・You can make the dish/snack based on a recipe.

・The person with the most votes wins first place.

・I will announce the the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in a different post after the contest has been closed.

・Make sure to send me only 1~2 photos of your dish/snack.

・You definitely cannot criticize anyone’s dish. They all put a lot of work in it!

・You must vote for someone other than yourself.

・Be sure to send me a pic by next Saturday, May 22, 2021.

・I couldn’t figure out how to get your pics, so I decided to copy the way Corrie does it. Make a small post that includes the name of the dish, and then send me that link. That’s all!

・Anyone who wants to enter must tell me in the comments below.

Just so you know, you will have to send me the pic link by the 22th or you’ll be disqualified. And then, I’ll make a new post where you guys can vote.

Published by tuzumi4

I live in various places. I travel around the globe every year. I was born in China and I can speak a little Chinese. I am a girl who loves to read interesting novels, and arrange flowers. I also love to plant flowers and other random plants. I go to school and homeschool on off days. I do the RPC (Ron Paul Curriculum). I love to chat with my friends and trying to learn Spanish on my own. I hope you guys have enjoyed checking out my blog, and hope to meet you again soon. Oh, and I LOVE to watch movies!!!

66 thoughts on “Cooking Contest?

  1. One question, does it count if I use a recipe I found online? Or does it have to be like a family recipe or something?


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